Michi Schatz for Shred For Life

1.      What is your name and where are you from.

Michi Schatz    (DONIBK)  from INNSBRUCK

2.      Where did your interest in Snowboarding start/ how did your adventure with snowboarding start

It's a long story but i make it shorter. I think i was 7-8 years old an i got a snowboard from my grandfather to christmas, so a day  after Christmas my grandfather and i starting testing  snowboarding at Rinn it's a hill  10 minutes away from Innsbruck,
and I found a new sport that i like more then fucking skiing ...... and know we build at the same place,  since 2008  with the  SANE! Homeboys our  Jib Park there...  ... and it still running .... Best Jib Park  Around  Tyrol............. SANERINNJIBPARK...

3.      Who is your sponsor at present...?
Völkl Snowboards, Horsefeathers Clotings, Sp Binding, Deeluxe Boots, Stance Socks, Celtek, Xdouble Skate and Snowboardshop, Smith,  Danke Donuts, SANE!

4.      What are you doing in your day life outside of snowboarding, what is your job...?

I  work in  our family  company,  so   I have  a lot  of to do.....
we are selling scales, cutter machine, and we are the  calibration company for scales in Tyrol.....

5.      Who is your snowboarding mentor...?
Maybe  you  remember  Frostet Flakes  or Montreal the  movie...   Max Legend,   is the  BOSS..

6.      Your favourite trick...?
Rail - Bs180 SW Nosepress , Kicker- Fs360 indy

7.      Your favourite spot to snowboard and why...?

SANE RINN JIB PARK  (Kinderland Rinn ) 10 minuts from Innsbruck Away Night shred every  friday.

8.      Lately more and more snowboarders is concentrating on competitions or recording clips. How does that look with yourself?

For my side I Like the incity Rail jams , in Europe  there is a bunch of that..
you meet all the homies there and we have a good time to hang out together
and the best Contest is for sure Frontline Rail Jam.....
Video clips are  the new  mag Shots!

9.  What are your plans for this coming season...?

For sure I will film a New Video part with my homies of SANE!
but  before  we start to film, here are some  Rail jam.......  Frontline is the Next stop ....7.november  (watch the live stream)

10.  What would you say to encourage people to take up snowboarding...?

When you have time, Go snowboarding everyday... Spread the good vibes to the nature blessed everyday. 420hightimeeveryday

11.  Do you know anything about Poland? If yes, what is the first thing that comes to mind

GOOD STREET SPOTS, Party all the time, super hot girls!

Photo: David Malacrida, Patrick Steiner, Florian Trattner

#DONIBK 2K15 - Fullpart from Sane ! on Vimeo.

Film: Hambalko Balint // Daniel Diedrich // Flo Achenrainer // Patrick Wegerer
Edit: Markus Klaes