Mathias Joubert For Shred For Life

Usually on our portal we interview riders, but not this time 🙂 This interview we would like to give a big hint of the filmmakers who made this masterpiece of course talk about the movie "In Gora", which can be seen in Poland at the events of Winter Is My love!

Who was the initiator of the whole action?

I (Mathias Joubert) received one day a message of Val and Tim, the owners of the bus and outdoor sports lovers. They loved the brand and share the eco values of Picture Organic Clothing. They were asking for a small partnerships (something like 2 tee-shirts in exchange of a logo on their bus and website). I went to their website and watched a video showing the school bus that they converted into a moving house. I instantly loved their project and thought about something much bigger than just sending 2 tee-shirts : a one month trip through Europe. I called Andy Collet who already realized videos for Picture Organic Clothing. This project was totally in coherence with his values and way of living, so he was definitely down to set this project up with me.

From technical point of view, what kind of hardware did you record?

During the trip we had two cameramen to catch scenes from different angles, one drone pilot to make sick views from the sky and one photographer to immortalize the stories.
We used a camera mainly digital. With a modern optical series and a series of vintage optics to give a timeless complexion to the film.

How much did the entire film footage have been collected?

We spent one month aboard the bus travelling from one country to another, for 80 hours of rush.

On such trips you probably had a lot of adventures, which you remember best, and which was the worst for you?

The worst one was probably the day we were driving on slippery roads in the middle of Bulgaria. It was really foggy and we couldn’t see anything more far than 5 meters. It was snowing as well, and pretty cold, which made the roads be particularly tough. It was kind of difficult to go up the road but slowly we were making it. Until that moment, we couldn’t keep on moving forward, so we tried to brake but the tyresof the bus were not adhering to the road anymore. So, we were slipping backwards and couldn’t stop the bus slip. Scary feeling to feel that the bus goes wrong way and faster and that you can’t stop it. Finally, Tim managed to stop it thanks to a big snowpile on the side of the road. Definitely the time to put the chains on the tyres...
It’s hard to pick only one good moment. Maybe the warm welcome of the locals from Montenegro. They were so nice. It was a great feeling to see those guys that we never met before be so cool with us. We would definitely have stayed longer with them if we could. We also loved the moment we spent with the children who have never skied before in Macedonia.

How long did you take the entire film?

We took 1 month to make this journey.
3 months post production
The movie lasts 44 minutes.

Are you happy with the end result?

We are really happy to show the journey we went through. We had so many good times, encounters with locals and the Nomad Family, sick snow conditions, but also crazy stories along the way. And we are very stoked to show to everyone the incredible trip we went through.
Furthermore, this movie sticks perfectly with ou eco-friendly DNA.
Gathering the motivation of a family with strong environmental values and a bunch of riders dedicated to preserving the mountains was the perfect opportunity to look closer at some environmental issues in the Balkans and discover amazing spots to ride.

Are you planning this kind of holiday this season or are you just taking a vacation?

We’ll see if people like the journey. And we have some ideas in mind for another journey. So, we’ll see... ☺

At the end we send from Poland for you high five and we look forward to the next productions!

IN GORA - Official Trailer from Andy COLLET on Vimeo.

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Photo: Louis Garnier Photography