Jamie Nicholls For Shred For Life!


1. What is your name and where are you from.

- Jamie Nicholls from Bradford Yorkshire

2. Where did your interest in Snowboarding start/ how did your adventure with snowboarding start

- I started Snowboarding at Halifax dry slope when I was 7. The slope was near my house and I begged my Mum and dad to take me. I have been hooked ever since.


3. Who is your sponsor at present/ who is sponsoring you at present..?

- Nike SB, Salomon Snowboards, The Snow Centre, Neilson Holidays, Sixt Rent a Car, Sandbox Helmets and GB Park & Pipe

4. What are you doing in your day life outside of snowboarding, what is your job...?

- I am a fulltime snowboarder, training and competing. I travel the world following the snow and slopestyle competitions throughout the winter and ride at the dry slopes and The Snow Centre in the summer. I also spend a lot of time working-out in the gym, preparing for my winter season. My fitness and on-snow training is key to preventing injury and achieving my goals within competitions and in snowboard films.


5. Who is your snowboarding mentor...?

- Wayne coached me at Halifax dryslope from the age of 7 until I joined the GB Team at 16, I owe so much to him and I'm very grateful! But I have also looked up to many other snowboarders during my time, from Shaun White in the early days, to some of the guys I ride with today, such as Grilo and Mark McMorris.

6. Your favourite trick...?

- I like the easier tricks as you have time to look around and enjoy them in the air. So my favourite trick would have to be a frontside 360, although it's not my biggest trick it's the one I enjoy the most!

7. Your favourite spot to snowboard and why...?

- I like Mayhofen Austria's park, it has a quick lap and a chair lift that runs over the top of the park, so you can watch everyone on the jumps!