Johnny O’Connor for Shred For Life

1. What is your name and where are you from.

Hey ya'll. I'm Johnny O'Connor. I'm originally from upstate New York and I have been living in New Hampshire near Loon Mountain for the past 5 winters... Going on the 6th season soon.
Photo - Benny Urban

2. Where did your interest in Snowboarding start/ how did your adventure with snowboarding start

I grew up right down the street from a pretty good ski resort called Windham Mtn in New York. You can actually see the snowboard park from my back yard so it was always right in front of my face. I grew a strong interest in filming and riding at a young age which got me into filming parts every year. I'll actually be filming my 9th full part next season.

3. Who is your sponsor at present/ who is sponsoring you at present

I ride for ThirtyTwo, Capita, Union, Coal, Smith, Eastern Boarder, and Loon Mountain.
Photo - Crispin Canon

4. What are you doing in your day life outside of snowboarding, what is your job

I've been bartending this summer along with waitering and cooking. It's been nice to make some money, take time off the board, and visit friends around the North East when possible. I've also been trying to get my golf game up to par.

5. Who is your snowboarding mentor

That would probably be Skylar Brent aka "Larz". He filmed and edited Loonatics, Keep The Change, Capita, and ThirtyTwo movie. He is absolutely amazing behind the lens and is also a cool, calm, and collected human being. From all the time we spent together I have never got annoyed or pissed off at him. I have tremendous respect and owe a lot to him. We're working on the Union video next year which I'm really excited to start soon.

6. Your favourite trick...?

I love the feeling of big front 720s for jumps. For rails I really like doing cab hardway 270 bring backs when they're done properly.
Photo- Cole Martin

7. Your favourite spot to snowboard and why...?

Loon mountain is my favorite resort to ride because you get incredible trail/woods riding in before hitting a really good park and super pipe. I do prefer a natural speed street spot though because that's what gets me hyped to try some crazy stuff.

8. Tell us a little bit about new project Thirty Two "2032"

This was 32s 20th year anniversary and the movie has been talked about for years. Brian Cook (Brand Director) decided to pull the trigger and it was great timing for everyone. The plan was to get the viewers hyped to snowboard and support a rider owned and operated company making good content and products. I think the video came out amazing and hopefully everyone likes my part haha.
Photo- Skylar Brent

9. What are your plans for this coming season...?

I'll be doing the Union video. It's their first video ever and I'm honored to be a part of it since they make the best bindings and have a legendary team. I think people are going to love the movie.

10.Lately more and more snowboarders is concentrating on competitions or recording clips. How does that look with yourself?

The contest life is a tough path to take these days. The tricks are getting really gnarly and it's hard to have good style in those events unless your Danny Davis or Sage Kotsenburg. I enjoy doing some rail jams at the beginning of the year but I try to avoid them mid winter because I don't want to turn into a contest jock. I prefer filming street clips because you can ride whatever you want and do things you've never done before. It's better feeling to do a new trick for yourself compared to a hucked trick at a contest for points.

11. What would you say to encourage people to take up snowboarding

Once you learn how to link turns you will open a portal in your life to escape reality and be a part of the most amazing time you can have.
Photo- Toni Kerkelä

12. Do you know anything about Poland? If yes, what is the first thing that comes to mind

I really don't know much about Poland but every person I've met with a strong heritage from there has been quite similar in their extremely friendly and kind personality. Hopefully one day I'll visit and experience the culture.

Thank you Poland for keeping the snowboarding passion alive much love!!!

Keep the Change - Roll Call Johnny O'Connor Full Part from Snowboarder Magazine on Vimeo.