Jess Kimura For Shred For Life


1. What is your name and where are you from ?

Jess Kimura and I’m from the west coast of Canada

2. Where did your interest in Snowboarding start/ how did your adventure with snowboarding start ?

I grew up skiing as a young child and at some point all my ski friends changed to snowboarding and they were so slow at first haha. So I got a snowboard so I could be on the same speed as them. I actually didn’t really like it at first, I wasn’t very good.

3. Who is your sponsor at present/ who is sponsoring you at prezent

My sponsors are Capita, Monster Energy, Union, Electric, Coal, Celtek

4. Respect for the party in the film Capita and WASTED YOUTH! I must admit that I was hoping for your tricks also Stronger 🙂 Which film will now be able to admire you?

Unfortunately my footage didn’t make it into the Union Movie but I edited a video part that I put out myself this last month. You can watch it here:

Jess Kimura Full Part from Jess Kimura on Vimeo.

5. Tell us about your pro model boards, as it is cool.

I’m very happy to have a pro model board and its very fun to design the graphics

6. What are you doing in your day life outside of snowboarding, what is your Job

Right now my job is snowboarding but before that I used to work as a stonemason.

7. Who is your snowboarding mentor ?

I have many mentors but I would say Sean Genovese has been with me since the beginning when he helped me film a part for Think Thank. Marie-France Roy and Leanne Pelosi teach me alot about the business side of the industry as well.

8. Your favourite trick...?

Probably a miller flip


9. Your favourite spot to snowboard and why...?

Japan for sure! The powder there is so unique and awesome

10. What are your plans for this coming season...?

I’m working on making my own project happen, more details coming soon : )

11. Lately more and more snowboarders is concentrating on competitions or recording clips. How does that look with yourself?

I like to film tricks more than I like to do competitions. In competitions you only get a few tries to land something, when I am filming I can take my time to do it how I want.

12. Which existing snowboard trip most pleasant memories of, and for what?

Definitely Japan, its a magical place

13. What would you say to encourage people to take up snowboarding

Don’t give up too soon, It took me a long time to learn how to turn both ways but once I did, everything came super fast after that.

14. Do you know anything about Poland? If yes, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Well I don’t know too much about Poland but it seems like the people from there are generally tough and brave. Which makes good snowboarders.