Gniazdo i Jego nowy sponsor


Stało się, Wojtek "Gniazdo" Pawlusiak jeden z najlepszych jibberów w Polsce ma nowego sponsora desek, jest nim firma Nobile.
Internety mówią, że Wojtuś ma mieć nawet Swój ProModel! Zobaczymy co z tego wszystkiego będzie tak na prawdę 😉

Dla niewtajemniczonych krótki opis firmy Nobile:

"It’s good to see you here. It means you’re in search for something unique and have courage to discover what others can’t see. We’re not like others. Welcome to Nobile Snowboards!

There’s a lot of good boards on the market, that’s no doubt. The reason why Nobile Snowboards exists is that we know how to produce boards better than the rest. First Nobile snowboard was built in 1994! We manufacture our boards in famous factory in Poland – NBL Sport, the wood we use for snowboard cores comes from selected trees, we use APS core technology and other great patents.

But you can ask what really makes us different? We know snowboard very good. We all were medallists in national and world championships, we participate in Olympic Games and we have been running the most of best slopes over the world for last 20 years. Our dream is to stay close to the roots and discover what’s undiscovered. To help talented prospects and promote heroes. To be in the mountains and act in the mountains. To enjoy snowboarding."



Tak dla przypomnienia jeden z fajniejszych oldschoolwych Polskich editów, oczywiście riderem jest Wojtek 🙂